Don't Take Our Word For It...

...Real, unsolicited comments from real, very happy customers:

"THANK YOU for addressing my request so promptly.
I did not state on my email...but I want to take a minute to say it now.
For the past several years SmileGlobal has provided me with rock solid performance. I can not recall one occasion of my account not being available. I realize I am a "power user" perhaps pushing the technology limitations of webmail...
Glitchless to say the least.
Keep the good service up and I hope your sales are commensurate of the level of performance you provide. "
--J.A., Miami, Florida, US

"You are amazing, if you ever need referrals, I can't wait to tell people about your company. You actually respond back and promptly too!! You really care and your customer service is OUTSTANDING! I am so impressed with Smile Global!! "
--D.N., Jacksonville, Florida, US

"Once again you have proven to be my life preserver. Our corporate e-mail is maintained on [-----] and they have had a days on end problem which prevents downloads to Outlook, and inhibits access through their webmail interface. I and three others are working out of our Hong Kong office and no e-mail is like being adrift in space. But my personal domain and its four available addresses have bailed us out. For some reason the fetch function gets efficiently past whatever problems [-----] is having with its server(s) and our mail is getting to us through my domain on smileglobal.com. Thanks again!"
--B.R., Cloverdale, California, US, and Hong Kong, China

"We initially started out outsourcing our e-mail to another company, but after many troubles like e-mail server being down, not able to log in, etc., I decided that I should look for another e-mail provider. All I can say is that Smile was the best decision I've made about e-mail. I haven't had any complaints from my users. Their servers are always up and running. Now I can concentrate on other things knowing that I don't have to worry about our e-mail."
-- M.P., Las Cruces, New Mexico, US

"Reasonable service providers who do their best to keep things running smoothly and communicate the truth to you are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD!"
-- J.McG., Carlsbad, California, US

"Thank you again. It's very encouraging, if not unprecedented, to have this kind of service. I appreciate it and will certainly recommend your company to any- and everyone."
-- T.D., San Francisco, California, US

"I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that I think you guys are the best! I belong to several Yahoo Groups for making graphics and learning the program Paint Shop Pro. These groups carry a huge volume of mail and I tried provider after provider to get my mail on a steady basis. All of them failed me again and again. Then one day while searching for yet another email provider with the storage big enough to accomodate my needs I happened upon your site and I have been overjoyed ever since! You guys have an amazing service and I wanted to send you my thanks and Kudos for a job well done. I rave to all my online friends in Yahoo groups who are also in the same predicament that I had faced and several of them have signed up! I will definitely be renewing my contract with you guys this year....thanks for providing me a service that is reliable and affordable. You guys are amazing!"
-- N.L., Chatham, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks for the quick and easy setup interface... Your choice of webmail and email management software is awesome. You guys are great!"
-- R.K., Brooklyn, New York, US

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such an awesome service for such a low price! I had a problem a while back and emailed support on a Sunday. I was shocked to get a reply in under an hour (ON A SUNDAY!!!). Keep up the great work, guys! I have referred you to all my friends!"
-- B.L., Manchester, New Jersey, US

"Thanks so much for offering such a great service. It's very fast. I love how much storage space there is too. Too bad my ISP only offers 10meg storage, LOL. Affordable, POP, and lots of storage is in very high demand. I wish I would have known of this site before I purchased Runbox."
-- S.T., Acworth, Georgia, US

"My wife found you via a search engine, you are proving to be a very reliable e-mail server."
-- D.B., Venice, California, US

"Thank you, your service is really awesome."
-- D.B., Venice, California, US

"I cannot thank you enough for being so responsive and helpful. Everything is working just fine!"
-- S.P., Novato, California, US

"Thanks so much for your detailed response here. It really means a lot to know I've got good support."
-- L.J., Warks, United Kingdom

"I think your email offerings are great, people said I was always getting a different email address every 5 seconds (in my search for a better provider) but now I believe i've found the best service there is out there and will be staying for as long as I can!"
-- D.W., Derbyshire, United Kingdom

"I want to tell you that your email service is tops in my book. I don't use anything else. I never use the email from my ISP."
-- V.M., Portland, Oregon, US

"Thank you so much. Once again I am amazed at the speed of your response to a problem. Thanks for all the great service."
-- T.B., Lawton, Oklahoma, US

"Wow! You mean support actually answers and its not a canned reply! Thank you thank you! Awesome, thx for answering my questions! I like smile already!"
-- A.N., Seattle, Washington, US

"Thanks for the email instructions and your terrific customer service. I appreciate your handling this so quickly."
-- D.O'D., Granite Bay, California, US

"Hello Smile Team! I've been a member since last year and am finally writing to tell you how great your service is. I've got my family and friends to sign up. Keep up the great work!"
-- M.S., Fort Bragg, California, US